Interview with system developers Robert Spears and Brian Miller, Optimized Trading

Optimized Trading LLC., is a system developer located in Charleston, West Virginia. The company uses its propriety program to select from a menu of systems to optimize performance for its swing-trading systems. Robert Spears is the Managing Partner and his partner, Brian Miller, leads the systems the firm’s research and development program.

SRB: Robert, we understand that after years of working with equities, you moved to “alternative investments” by forming Optimized Trading LLC., to develop futures trading systems. What caused you to make this major move?

Robert Spears: I moved to alternatives in 2003 after a 21 year career on the equity side of the business. The bear market of 2001-2003 taught me traditional long only asset allocation models failed with the S&P and Nasdaq down 50-70%. My personal mission to uncover investment options which offered clients the potential for gains in varying market environments led to the alternative space.

SRB: What do you mean when you say “We are a client centric firm building adaptive programs on validated ideas”?

Robert Spears: Our primary goal from the beginning was to deliver a product to clients with the potential for consistency of returns over market cycles. The foundational stones of Optimized’s programs are Brian’s decade long pursuit and development of the best ideas and concepts to accomplish those goals.

SRB: Describe the basic market philosophy behind the firm’s trading systems and how you approach market risk?

Brian Miller: We focus on exploiting linear drifted markets which are fundamentally and behaviorally justified. We keep underlying strategic concepts creative but simple in line with John Conway’s work on complexities. We use a multiple model approach with the flexibility to adapt to changing price environments. We approach risk first from an entry perspective by being more selective to increase the probability of positive outcomes. Then, position management with a protective stop and multiple price specific profit targets to allow the system as many alternatives as possible for a positive outcome and reduce the percentage of time in the market. All exit logic is dynamically controlled.

SRB: What are the “nuts & bolts” behind each of the three new futures trading systems featured on your website?

Brian Miller: Each complete system is a collection of individual strategic models designed for a specific market structure. The models analyze price, volume, volatility, market environments and sub structure profiling to identify the model with the highest probability for success in the current environment.

SRB: Are there any books or educators have influenced you or Brian in system development?

Robert Spears: Brian’s main influences have been John Conway, John Nash and John Neumann. Mine have been books by Ed Thorp, Howard Marks and Nassim Taleb. We would like to take this moment to announce our promotion in conjunction with the launch of the new systems. Any client who signs up in April or May will be entitled to a free monthly subscription.

This interview is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a solicitation of any kind. Trade only with risk capital. The risk of trading can be substantial and each investor and/or trader must consider whether trading systems are a suitable investment.